Weekend Inspirsation, from Kahlil Gibran

Apologies for the delay I’ve been traveling and scrambling to get sufficient wifi in European airports. Luckily, I slipped it in to make it a Weekend Inspiration. Back to regular schedule next week I have been reading voraciously Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (having previously left Beloved Prophet: The Love Letters unfinished) and so decided to … Continue reading Weekend Inspirsation, from Kahlil Gibran

Friday Inspiration, from George Saunders

It's graduation season!! This weekend I'm heading to Northampton in Western Massachusetts in New England for my little sister's graduation (woohoo!!). So in the spirit of all graduates, my Friday inspiration comes from a graduation speech by George Saunders in 2013 at Syracuse University. The premise of Saunders' speech is - among other things, like … Continue reading Friday Inspiration, from George Saunders