Kahlil Gibran, “naked and unbound”

I’ve stumbled across Gibran’s writings in the most circuitous and fortuitous ways. Firstly, for many months, my partner had a copy of an excerpt from Gibran’s most notable work The Prophet stapled to his bedroom wall… which I found myself reading and re-reading over and over again, not recognizing the source of the photocopies. Next, … Continue reading Kahlil Gibran, “naked and unbound”


Kahlil Gibran on the “desire of being revealed”

I have been reading voraciously Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (having previously left Beloved Prophet: The Love Letters unfinished) and so decided to dump some of his inspiration on all of my readers. In a post that will go live soon I have distilled more of my love affair with Gibran, and indeed his wonderful love … Continue reading Kahlil Gibran on the “desire of being revealed”

George Saunders’ Graduation Speech

It's graduation season!! This weekend I'm heading to Northampton in Western Massachusetts in New England for my little sister's graduation (woohoo!!). So in the spirit of all graduates, my Friday inspiration comes from a graduation speech by George Saunders in 2013 at Syracuse University. The premise of Saunders' speech is - among other things, like … Continue reading George Saunders’ Graduation Speech