Sam Shepard on finding Love

Sam Shepard’s death earlier this week provoked a wealth of authors, admirers, and well-wishers to write or remember their experiences with him, including a moving and timely piece from the wonders over at Brainpickings. Sam Shepard was a man who wore many hats, with such talents crossing from author into play-writing and screenwriting, and sometimes directing.

For this week’s inspiration post, I bring you Shepard’s advice on the subject of love, a topic that, of course, brings inspiration of its own. The article comes from the personal writings and letters between Shepard between him and a close friend and appear in Two Prospectors: The Letters of Sam Shepard and Johnny Dark.

For Shepard, who had a three-plus decade relationship with actress Jessica Lange, love was about meeting a fellow person at their exact moment of aloneness, which evokes a kind of “mutual awakening” in each other.

I love this woman in a way I can’t describe & a feeling of belonging to each other that reaches across all the pain. It’s as though we’ve answered something in each other that was almost forgotten. I look back on the whole ten years in California & I see myself hunting desperately for something I wasn’t finding. […]finding Jessie has reaching something inside me. A part of me that feels brand new — re-awakened.


[…] fear stems from being alone in the world & it has a new meaning for me now. You can be alone in the midst of people or you can be alone & join with the other one’s aloneness. There can be a real meeting between two people at the point where they always felt marooned. Right at the edge.

This is but an excerpt, but I encourage you (as always) to go read the whole piece over on Brainpickings or the book of Shepard and Dark’s letters with some expert analysis too.

Enjoy your weekend, lovers!

xoxo M


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