September 2017 Reading Goals

Another month, another selection of books to pick. I find myself looking forward to the months of autumn in anticipation. Though, for what exactly, I cannot say. I’m not longer a full time student, so the days of getting ready for school and picking up new supplies and books are long gone. And yet… autumn is a time of transition; my birthday is in the Autumn; it’s my favorite season. So the time, for me, always seems to start anew in the autumn. In keeping with that theme, my Reading Goals for the month of September shall be…

  1. Autumn by Ali Smith
    1. I’ve listened to a couple wonderful book podcasts discuss this book, including the London Review of Books Podcast interview with the author. It’s a book about transition, an autumnal theme, and also considered the first Post-Brexit novel. I’ve read a few other Ali Smith books (including Girl Meets Boy and How to Be Both), and a good friend of mine is a huge champion of all things Ali Smith.
  2. The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton
    1. I’ve actually finished it this weekend, and absolutely loved it! It’s a ghost-story, murder-mystery, love-story, complete with real zodiac charts and nail-biting suspense. Catton’s a unique writer, and this one won her the esteemed Man Booker Prize for 2013!
  3. Euphoria by Lily King
    1. A fictionalized story of the anthropologist Margaret Mead and her love affairs. It’s been recommended to me lately by my mother, and a good friend.
  4. Power Politics by Arundhati Roy
    1.  A slim, quick polemic.. Roy’s writing is raw and provocative, and her moral outrage is combustible. This summer, I read her other non-fiction book, The Cost of Living, and it was excellent!

xoxo M


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