Maya Angelou writes a letter to her younger self

In continuation of the theme of home and belonging, explored a little in my earlier post on Jeanette Winterson, I came across a beautiful letter from Maya Angelou, on the reliably inspirational Brainpickings, written to her younger self. Angelou's letter reminds the reader that no matter how bad things can go in life, there is always a … Continue reading Maya Angelou writes a letter to her younger self


Sam Shepard on finding Love

Sam Shepard's death earlier this week provoked a wealth of authors, admirers, and well-wishers to write or remember their experiences with him, including a moving and timely piece from the wonders over at Brainpickings. Sam Shepard was a man who wore many hats, with such talents crossing from author into play-writing and screenwriting, and sometimes … Continue reading Sam Shepard on finding Love