Friday Inspiration, from Sam Shepard

Sam Shepard's death earlier this week provoked a wealth of authors, admirers, and well-wishers to write or remember their experiences with him, including a moving and timely piece from the wonders over at Brainpickings. Sam Shepard was a man who wore many hats, with such talents crossing from author into play-writing and screenwriting, and sometimes … Continue reading Friday Inspiration, from Sam Shepard

Friday Inspiration from Marguerite Yourcenar

I just finished the fabulous read Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar (aka Marguerite de Crayencour – her pseudonym is an inexact anagram of her real name). It’s a delightfully astute book, deep and meditative. Not a perfect beach read per-se by some standards, but if you’re like me and appreciate the challenge of her … Continue reading Friday Inspiration from Marguerite Yourcenar

Weekend Inspirsation, from Kahlil Gibran

Apologies for the delay I’ve been traveling and scrambling to get sufficient wifi in European airports. Luckily, I slipped it in to make it a Weekend Inspiration. Back to regular schedule next week I have been reading voraciously Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (having previously left Beloved Prophet: The Love Letters unfinished) and so decided to … Continue reading Weekend Inspirsation, from Kahlil Gibran