Francine Prose on “Deep Reading”

Deep reading, unlike creative writing, is a skill that can be taught. So argues, writer Francine Prose (an apt name for a writer, no doubt), in her book Reading Like a Writer: A Guide for People Who Love Books and For Those Who Want To Write Them (2006), she recommends slowing down and learning deep reading, … Continue reading Francine Prose on “Deep Reading”


Marilynne Robinson on “the dance with language”

Author Marilynne Robinson is a true lover of words. In a recent New York Times Book Review essay, she divulged her love of the essentials of words, particularly in Emily Dickinson -- a poet of "parsimoniousness". As Robinson admits, with writing, she is drawn to that movement toward essentials, away from all secondary definitions, all … Continue reading Marilynne Robinson on “the dance with language”